About Us

The UN Youth South Sudan (UNYSS) is a National Youth NGO Registered with the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission South Sudan ( RRC ) under NGO Act 2016, Consisting entirely of Youth Volunteers in South Sudan with a view to provide young people with opportunities and experiences that support their successful integration into society and enable them to be active and responsible members of their societies as well as agents of change across sectors and covers all decisions and measures that affect conditions for young people in a number of different areas, such as employment, housing, education, health, leisure, culture and influence

The UNYSS contibutes to peace building through enhancing conflit resolution skills among children and youth and promoting community dialogues. UN Youth assist in the establishment of new national and sub_national volunteer schemes and enhance the capacity of local partners to mobilize and manage volunteers more effectively. Advancing the role of Youth Volunteers are particularly involved in the promotion of youth engagement in different areas of development and peace from economic to environmental and on every scale from local to national. In addition, UN Youth Volunteer assignments assignments provide an invaluable opportunity for the growth and personal development of the volunteer


Increase UN`s efforts to  promote human rights education and training for Youth as well as Global citizenship and sustainable development education, without discrimination, to foster civic awareness and participation, volunteerism and a culture of peace and non-violence among young people and these are the integral of a powerful force in meeting common national and global challenges and opportunities South Sudan is currently faced with.


  • To educate young people and the community about the work of the United Nations
  • To Empower young people to get involved in international affairs and civil society
  • To Represent the views of young people at the local, national, regional, and international levels